OH MY EYES -mencionada ya en las páginas de la prestigiosa revista de moda Vogue- es una marca de gafas de lujo nacida recientemente en Estocolmo e inspirada en el modernismo escandinavo. Cada par de gafas está hecho a mano en Sabae, Japón, donde comenzó la producción japonesa de gafas hace más de 100 años, y están fabricadas con el mejor titanio japonés disponible y el acetato de celulosa italiano, a base de algodón y madera.

Renowned italian eyewear designer Marco Galleani -who has previously worked for fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga and Miu Miu-, has been the one to interpreted the Scandinavian modernism into the first OH MY EYES collection of unique frames, consisting of six unisex models in two colour combinations each.

Every time you get an OH MY EYES sunglasses, you get a wearable piece of art that will be given to you in a beautiful white storage box. Inside you will find a sustainably handmade leather case made from chrome-free vegetable tanned leather in a family-run workshop in Målerås, Sweden. It will age with beauty. The included cleaning cloth is environmentally friendly and made to last.

And if you are one of the first 200 people to buy any of their models, you will find the X marked inside the temple that certifies that you have received an exclusive edition. But wait, did you notice a little extra something in the box? OH MY EYES has also collaborated with Danish beauty brand NUORI that makes freshly blended skincare, so that is why you will also find a Vital Eye Cream inside that will help protect your oh so beautiful eyes!

But that’s not all! We have interviewed the Journalist, trend analyst at Sprillo & co-founder of OH MY EYES Jonna Dagliden Hunt, to know more about the brand:

How did you start the brand? We are four friends (me and my husband Christopher and Anna-Karin and her husband David) who met three years ago in Stockholm after returning from London. We didn’t know of each other, but soon after being introduced we started talking about launching a brand together. Christopher had a cherished pair that he dropped to the bottom of the sea on the Swedish west coast after a not so successful boat docking. After thinking they were gone, they suddenly reappeared a week later. My sister had hired a local diver to catch them etc. So long story short… This made him think about eyewear and the fact that there are not that many Swedish luxury eyewear brands around. Adding all our skills together in the team, we came up with the idea of launching a luxury eyewear brand that we called OH MY EYES.

How did you choose the name? Everyone had to bring a list with 5-10 potential names and in the end we all agreed that Christopher’s selection OH MY EYES really captured the essence of the brand that we wanted to launch. We wanted some humour in it.

Who is your ideal target? The OH MY EYES customer is curious and value quality over quantity, uniqueness over mass appeal and transparency over impersonal branding. Regardless of age, they love exploring unique concept stores where they find curated fashion, accessories, art and food.

What makes OH MY EYES sunglasses to be luxury & unique? Having an outstanding product is no longer enough, so we have carefully thought about strategies to capture audience’s attention and ultimately impact to their buying decision through added value, apart from the excellent products we offer. This includes the surprise eye cream from Danish skincare brand Nuori that every customer receives in the packaging.

How do you choose the models wearing your sunglasses on InstagramWe often do street casting. Stockholm is full of interesting characters. This includes 87-year-old Ingela who lives in her own apartment in the Östermalm area in Stockholm just to give you an example…

Tell me more about the “In the eyes of” section on your website: OH MY EYES offer added value through a dedicated online magazine “In the eyes of” on our website where we portray interesting people and places as well as our collaborations. We love to see our sunglasses on interesting people, that way they come to life. Check our super cool art collector Björn Wetterling or of course CoolHuntingLab’s founder Clara De Nadal Trias with whom we have create a Trendsetter’s Guide of her hometown Barcelona.

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