“What you need to connect more and better with your clients”


Do you have doubts about your brand image? You don’t know how to present your new brand to the world? Thanks to my method I will help you to take fresh air, organize the ideas, redefine your project and establish an aesthetic coherence in all your platforms.


Offering products and services it is not enough, now consumers want experiences. Get clarity, ideas and direction with my mentoring and consulting sessions for your brand, business, company new project or to refresh an existing one.


We all have something to tell, but sometimes we don’t know how. I put into words what you want to say or sell, in the format and for the support you need. I can also create Storytelling and Content Creation for brands and media on the channel(s) you need.


Take advantage of my Masterclasses, Lectures and Talks with which I will help your brand, company or project to understand What is going on in the world, How do trends work and also to be Updated in the current and ever changing society.


I perform Influencer Marketing actions and collaborations for your brand both in media and social networks to amplify the messages of your brand, company or project, to generate engagement and also to increase and redirect new traffic to your online store or website.


Are you looking for a refreshing, dynamic and different activity? Experience Barcelona with a Journalist and Coolhunter specialized in Travel, Fashion and Trends. Thanks to this tour you will discover the most local and also the trendiest places in the city.