Digital Coolhunting (Part two)

Digital Coolhunting
(Part two)


Second part of the Digital Coolhunting Course in .PDF format fully adapted to the Digital Age with everything you need to know about Experience Marketing and Influence Marketing. This second part includes:

  • Introduction to Experiential Marketing with real examples
  • Introduction to Influencer Marketing: what, how, when and why
  • Does not include Exercise to do at home
  • Does not include one hour Online class with me


Who can be interested in this course?

This second part of the Coolhunting Digital course is perfect for you if you want to enter the exciting world of Branding, Experience Marketing and Influencer Marketing to improve your advertising strategies and learn to connect more and better with consumers.

How will I receive the course?

Once you have accepted the copyright and finished the purchase, you will receive an email in your inbox with the summary of your purchase and the second part of the course in PDF format). To download the content, you just have to click where it says Second part and the download will start automatically.

How much time do I have to dedicate to this course?

The duration of this second part of the course depends on each one. Some people complete it in a single day; but personally I recommend that you spend at least two to three days in order to really learn and internalize all the content, see the attached videos, images and examples.