Sunglasses Trends FW 2019-20

Despite the usefulness, some people we cannot live without sunglasses. They belong to us as a part of our body, they upgrade our style and character, they become a lifestyle and even sometimes we use them as a shield, not only to avoid the sun but to help us facing reality. However life would be…


“Branded Content” creation to promote the Mitsubishi Outlander PEHV electric vehicle. For this work we have created a sustainability route in Barcelona that we show through a video report and also with content creation through a written editorial published on La

Pan Con Chocolate

Realisation of THE METHOD for the Spanish children’s fashion brand Pan Con Chocolate. Through this service and the brand mentoring sessions we have improved its brand identity and image in all its platforms and supports: Web, Instagram, labels… We have also improved the communication, storytelling and marketing strategy of the brand adapting it to the…

Traveler España

Field study + Content creation for the publication “All the wonders that you are missing on the coast of Cantabria” (text in Spanish) published in the online version of the trends, lifestyle and travel magazine Traveler Spain included in the prestigious Condé Nast editorial group.

Natalia Cebrián

Performance of THE METHOD for the Spanish influencer Natalia Cebrián. Through this service and brand mentoring sessions, we have improved her identity and brand image on her Instagram, adapt it to the product she offers, as well as help her to adapt herself to the current and constantly changing trends.