Sunglasses Trends FW 2019-20

Despite the usefulness, some people we cannot live without sunglasses.

They belong to us as a part of our body, they upgrade our style and character, they become a lifestyle and even sometimes we use them as a shield, not only to avoid the sun but to help us facing reality. However life would be much easier if we would know the next big trend before we popping on our new pair.

So here’s the Top15 Fall / Winter 2019-20 sunglasses trends, because “Life is to short to wear wrong sunglasses”

1) Connected Shield Lenses for an eternal Sporty look

2) Oversized Sunglasses to bold your fall and winter outfits

3) Skinny Sunglasses with dark black lenses to count as Matrix

4) Bejeweled Sunglasses for those loving a touch of bling

5) New Geometry Sunglasses to reshape our daily life

6) Bridge on Top Sunglasses to Master the appearance of pincenez

7) Sunglasses with Yellow lenses. Pro-tip:  they’ll suit you best if your skin has a warm undertone

8) Sunglasses Round Lenses forever and ever and ever

9) Lenses Over the Rims for the atypical sunglasses lovers

10) Pale Frames specially in white. Kurt Cobain spirit may live forever?

11) Cat eyes Sunglasses and its super flattering way of pulling the face up

12) You can never go wrong with a pair of Aviator Glasses

13) Brown Lenses. Almost like wearing Autumn

14) Triangle Lenses. 90’s essence ideal to match with layered grunge looks

15)  See-Through Clear Lenses for channeling that librarian chic look