Maxfield LA, the best fashion store in the world

It’s time to talk about “the best fashion store in the world” and our best kept secret in Los Angeles: Maxfield. This luxury and avant-garde boutique store situated at 8825 Melrose Avenue has a very curated selection of garments of the best designers in the world and vintage collections for men and women. 

The owner of this cult retailer is Tommy Perse, he told us he would have liked to be a Rockstar, but he did not succeed. However, his passion for Rock and fashion had provided him many contacts of artists and quirky people of the music world, so in the early 70’s he decided to open its first clothing and accessories store and began to dress everyone who knocked on his door.

That earned him to be considered until today as “the pioneer in introducing the pure aesthetics of Rock in a store in Los Angeles”, creating a perfect cocktail between the world of fashion and his passion for skeletons and skulls. He was the first to introduce the Armani brand throughout California, also the first to incorporate cork into the shoes of his store: a real Boom during the 70s; among the first ones ever to create the concept of luxury store multi-brand store in the city of stars and one of the first Angelenos to embrace all-black, fashion forward designers like Yohji Yamamoto.

His idea of luxury boutique store is so evolved and takes so much care of the details, that once you’re inside you will not know if you are in a showroom, an art gallery, a jewelry store, a furniture store, a clothing boutique, a shoe store, a precious leather bags store, a rare-books store or a megastore of stuffed animals.

How to find it? Do not worry, you will easily recognize it because Maxfield stands out among all the other boutiques and luxury stores you will find on the street, as the place is a huge industrial concrete warehouse with a tiny glass window on one side of the building and gigantic concrete figures at the entrance: exact reproduction of the Moais, the stunning and well-known statues of Easter Island.

Despite its clear Rock aesthetic everyone is welcome in Maxfield, especially fashion lovers willing to discover the lastest collections of: Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Miu Miu, Vêtements, Moncler, Haider Ackermann, Off White, Palm Angels, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Dries Van Noten, Rick Owens among many others!