You are facing a reality that started being just an idea during the summer of 2011

The idea of ​​creating CoolhuntingLab occurred to me in Bali while someone special was taking me home on a motorcycle. Since then my head has not stopped dreaming that this idea was possible and today as you see it is a reality. Whether we like it or not, we live in a moment in which the product and / or the service itself is no longer enough, and to convince our clients we now have to go further and offer experiences as well. In other words, “the secret is not to see more, but to see different”, and thanks to my 14 years of experience together with a team of professionals that is what we have come here to do

What is and what is not Coolhunting

Opposite to what many may think, Coolhunting is not only a profession focused on researching and forecasting trends in Fashion, but it can be also applied in all areas and professional sectors to improve any business model and / or project. The true mission of the Coolhunter is, or should be, to observe and listen to the society that surrounds us and its inhabitants in another way to discover today what will come tomorrow, to know what consumers want and to help brands, companies and individuals to connect more and better with its clients