Are you a Flyshionista?

Imagine you could shop online and avoid barriers and shipping costs? And now imagine you could shop online and avoid barriers and shipping costs while making other people (or even you) get a little revenue because of your travels. Isn’t it Cool? Well, so this is now possible thanks to Flyshionista, the First Social Delivery Network For Fashion and Style! 

Flyshionista is an application designed to break the numerous market barriers faced by international e-shoppers. How? The App connects style hunters and travelers all around the world. On one side are the Hunters: fashion lovers looking for items which aren’t distributed, or are too expensive in their countries. On the other side are the Agents willing to make money off their travels by simply buying and delivering style items at destination. Flyshionista connects these two communities so that both can benefit from the transaction. The price is determined by the users: the Hunter makes a request, to which Agents respond with a bid. Price, delivery time and location are the factors which the Hunter takes into consideration when awarding the task. The payment goes securely through Flyshionista and is only released once the item has been delivered and approved by the buyer. This policy ensures safety and a seamless customer experience. Isn’t it Cool? Download the App and Become a Flyshionista!